November 2013

Una Noche

2013  Cuba  1h 26 min  Drama  R

Accused of assault, Raul is forced to flee Havana. He relies on his best friend Elio to help him escape to Miami. Elio is conflicted over protecting his sister’s welfare and his own desire to get out. One stressful night, the duo face the biggest challenge of their lives, involving 90 miles of treacherous ocean.

Mother of George

2013  USA  1h 47 min  Drama  R

Adenkike and Ayodele are a Nigerain couple living in Brooklyn.  Following a joyous celebration of their wedding, complications arise out of their inability to conceive a child – a problem that devastates their family and defies cultural expectations, leading Adenike to make a shocking decision that can either save her family or destroy it. Acclaim- ed director Andrew Dosumnu captures the nuances of this unique and fascinating culture by creating a beautiful, vibrant and moving portrait of a couple whose joys ans struggles are at once intimate and universal.