April 2013

Sunday, May 19 at Carnegie Art Museum   3- 6 pm

Jack Kerouac, Coney Island, New York, 1953, photo by John Kingsland

Celebrate Jack Kerouac and the Beats featuring writer/Beat Historian and On the Road film consultant, Gerald Nicosia, writer/poet Aram Saroyan, poets – Suzanne Lummis, S.A. Griffin, Gerald Locklin, short films including “Pull My Daisy”, discussion, music, poetry readings and book signing, Followed by Reception with wine and hors d’oevres. Sponsored by a grant from the City of Oxnard. Tickets $25.

Gerald Nicosia writer/poet/Beat Historian

The Celebration will feature GERALD NICOSIA, writer/poet/Beat Historian and consultant to Walter Salles, director of ON THE ROAD. Nicosia, author of “Memory Babe”, considered the definitive biography on Kerouac, will discuss Kerouac, the Beats and his involvement in the production of the film On the Road.



Aram Saroyan

Writer/Poet ARAM SAROYAN will talk about his participation in the Paris Review interview with Jack Kerouac in 1967. Saroyan’s most recent book is Door to the River: Essays and Reviews from the 1960s into the Digital Age. His Complete Minimal Poems received the 2008 William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America.

Three poets who will read in the spirit of the Beats:

S.A. GRIFFIN is a Carmabum and co-editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. Widely published, he is included in the Poems From Penny Lane, Black Ace (various) and Beatitude Golden Anniversary 1959-2009. Recent titles include Numbskull Sutra and They Swear We Don’t. He will be reading from Walt Whitman’s Beard which directly speaks to the idea/subject of what is beat.

S. A. Griffin

SUZANNE LUMMIS, prominent LA poet, co-founder of the LA Poetry Festival and teaches a famous course at UCLA called The Poem Noir.
Suzanne Lummis has poems forthcoming in the debut issue of Christopher Buckley’s ambitious new literary magazine, Miramar, and in Solo Novo.

A legend in the small press and beyond, GERALD LOCKLIN is now a Professor Emeritus of English at California State University, Long Beach, where he taught from 1965 through 2007 and still teaches an occasional class.
He is the author of over 150 books, chapbooks, and broadsides of poetry, fiction, and criticism, with over four thousand poems, stories, articles, reviews and interviews in periodicals.

Suzanne Lummis and Gerald Locklin


The Program
3:05p Host: Welcome-overview-introduction

3:10p pm Gerald Nicosia talks about Jack Kerouac and the Beat Movement –. (15 min)

3:30 pm Introduce Aram Saroyantalks about 1966 Interview at Jack’s house in Lowell, MA with Ted Berrigan and Duncan McNaughton. (15min)

3:45pm Introduce 5 poets and musicians Five Poets read 7 minutes each (approx. 40 min)
Suzanne Lummis
S.A. Griffin
Gerald Locklin
Aram Saroyan
Gerald Nicosia – Biographies will be posted shortly.)

4:25p 10 minute break – set up projector/screen

4:35p 20 minutes of shorts Excerpt from “Pull My Daisy” – 10 min
Jack on Steve Allen – 3 min
Al Dinkle from Sweetwater 2 min
Excerpts from “On the Road” – 5 min

4:50 pm Gerry’s involvement with Walter Salles and On the Road production plus Q/A (20-30minutes) Book signing
5:15p Reception – 1 hour

Tickets $25

On Sale now at Carnegie Art Museum (at front desk)

For Reservation and Info call:  (805)  798-0830

or email: geosand47@gmail.com


Chile 2013 – Academy Award Nominee
1 hr 50 min Drama PG13
April 29 @ 3:30pm & 6:30p


In 1988, Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet, due to international pressure, is forced to call a plebiscite on his presidency. The country will vote YES or NO to Pinochet extending his rule for another eight years. Opposition leaders for the NO persuade a brash young advertising executive, Rene Saavedra (Gael Garcia Bernal), to spearhead their campaign.

Spain 2012
1 hour 45 minutes  Drama  PG-13
May 6 @ 3:30pm & 6:30pm
WINNER of 10 Goyas



Once upon a time there was a little girl who had never known her mother. She learned the art of her father, a famous bullfighter, but was hated by her evil stepmother. One day she ran away with a troupe of dwarves, and became a legend. Set in southern Spain in 1920s, Blancanieves is a tribute to silent films. WINNER of 10 Goya Awards including BEST PICTURE.